An Open Letter to My Youngest Son


Dear Youngest Son,

I’m sorry your 2020-2021 school year was supposed to be my last year with you all to myself. We were going to have Mommy/son dates and fun adventures every day during the school week. We would have gone out to eat just the two of us and go shopping. Of course, we will stay have Mommy/son dates as I try to give each of my boys one-on-one time with Mommy. I never had that time with your brothers, as I was working, so I was really looking forward to it when I became a SAHM.

The pandemic took that from us as well as many other activities. I will never get that time back to enjoy you all to myself. Granted, I know you absolutely loved spending more time with your brothers, but I was looking forward to that extra bonding time. Now, I have all summer to enjoy all my boys before they are all in school in the fall. This summer will be unlike any other one and we are going to try and enjoy every minute. I have fun activities planned thanks to the summer reading program as well as friends who live within a daytrip distance.

I hope you remember this time and all the life skills I have attempted to pass onto you. I know starting Kindergarten can be scary, but you have two older brothers who have gone through it. Your brothers will always look out for you and protect you. You paid more attention to NTI some days than your older brother, so you are starting Kindergarten off with an advantage and will have the same teacher!


Your Momma


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