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Brittany Patterson

I am first and foremost a woman who is passionate about loving on people where they are. I am also a mother of 2 toddlers who also tries to teach her kiddos about love for others! I currently stay at home but enjoy volunteering as much as possible. I am kept busy every day with all of our pets and my littles running around nonstop. When I have “down time”, you can find me biking, hiking, or snuggling and watching a good TV show (probably enjoying some chocolate). I love being able to raise my babies at home, but I will also be the first to say that this job isn’t easy!

Life is Better Than the Alternative

My youngest was born three years ago. About a month after he was born I noticed myself having a lot of depression, along with a lot of rage. I chalked it up to the...

Thank You for Being a Friend

A few months ago, my husband and I packed up our kids, pets, and belongings and headed across the country. We truthfully had no idea what we were in for, but we knew it...

The 7 Things I Wish My Mother-in-Law Knew

National Mother-In-Law Day is coming next week! Truthfully, I didn't even know this day existed until a month ago. Maybe that's because I just assumed that MILs were to be celebrated on Mothers Day. Or maybe...

I’m Raising a Zoo, How About You?

When I chose to write about Animal Day, I honestly thought I would talk about all of the animals that we have in our home. If you know me, you know my family and...

It’s PSL Season and Yes, I Hate It

Ahhhh! Yes, You read that right. It's PSL season and I hate it. I’m sure you know it's PSL season; either because you are bombarded with all your social media friends posting about it or...

Ready…Set…Go Outside Louisville

Ready...Set...Go outside Louisville! I have to laugh every time someone says “you take your toddlers all that way to (insert city outside of Louisville) just to do that!?” The truth is, I would drive my...

Heart of LMC :: Mama to Mama

Louisville Mom Collective is all about bringing mothers together in the Louisville community. As we get closer to Mother’s Day, I thought it would be good to talk about another organization who is all...

When One Moment Brings You Clarity

Lately, I find that I struggle because I worry about what, you, as the writer will think. I wonder if my way of thinking is too different from yours. Will my depression somehow make my...

Mental Health Garbage Day

If someone were to ask me, what my favorite day of the week is, my response would be “Garbage Day." There is something so beautiful about watching that big truck pick up my garbage cans, dump...

Forever Puppies {It’s National Puppy Day!}

Meet McCoy. He may not look like your definition of a puppy, but let me tell you: age has nothing to do with being a puppy. All dogs are puppies in my book! Anyway, let's get back...