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Courtney Snow

I was born in New York and lived in several states before settling down in my favorite part of the country - Midwest is Best! I have an interracial family that consists of my amazing and talented husband (Derek) and our beautiful, silly daughter (Adilyn). I work full-time in human resources in addition to owning the Cincinnati, Dayton, & Louisville Mom Collectives, write and illustrate children's books (search "Author Courtney Jayne Snow" on Amazon), and am a registered and certified nutritional consultant (RNC/CNC). I still do my best to be the best mom and wife I can be! I love art museums, the theatre, the zoo, reading, and parks. I'm a foodie and always love trying new places to eat. I hope other moms find either enlightenment or humor from my posts!
trials and tribulations of a biracial daughter during black history month

Trials & Tribulations of a Biracial Daughter in Black History Month

Biracial children often have a hard time figuring out their identity and their place in society. "Am I white?" "Am I Black?" Many daughters, like mine, have had darker-skinned little girls with courser hair...
february 2023

February guide to Family-Friendly Events {2023}

Taking a slightly different turn from our typical monthly events guide, we're doing another fun game of Bingo you and the family can play together like we did last year! Only this year... there...
single parent shame

Single Parent Shame

Hi, I'm Courtney, and I was a single parent. A decade ago, I felt so much shame about being a single parent and felt so much societal pressure to act like I never was...
Disabilities can't stop them

Disabilities Can’t Stop Them

Two of my moms are amputees. My step-mama, Susie, was the first to lose one of her legs. Many years later, my mother lost one of hers as well. After the initial trauma of...
netflix high on the hog

Why You Should Watch Netflix’s High on the Hog

If you think you’re going to be watching a Black version of Somebody Feed Phil when you tune into High on the Hog :: How African American Cuisine Transformed America from Netflix, you are...
january 2023

January guide to Family-Friendly Events {2023}

Happy New Year, Kentuckiana moms! Another year is upon us, and the family-friendly activities around the Lou are still in full swing for January 2023. Check out our round-up below of our top things...
Toilet Paper Tube Nutcrackers

Toilet Paper Tube Nutcrackers {Free Printable!}

Looking for some fun and simple crafts with the kids this holiday season? If you're like most households, you use toilet paper... a LOT of toilet paper. Want a way to reuse those TP...
december 2022 louisville events

December guide to Family-Friendly Events {2022}

The year is almost over, but the family fun is just getting started! Here are our top picks of family-friendly events and things to do in December 2022. The Rock and Roll Playhouse plays music...
october 2022 events in louisville

October Guide to Family-Friendly Events {2022}

Fall has arrived, and so has your guide to family-friendly events for October 2022 in Greater Louisville! It’s time to spend time celebrating all the activities that come along with the season. Make sure to...
answers about covid-19 vaccines

You Asked :: We Got Answers {COVID Vaccines}

You asked. We got answers. We were grateful for the opportunity to sit down with Dr. Cadilla of Nemours Chidlren's Health to get those answers about COVID-19 vaccines. We know this information will be...