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Jerusha Caple

I am a TN native who graduated from MTSU with a B.S. in Construction Management. I met my husband on eHarmony and decided to relocate to his hometown in Louisville, KY. I was in the construction field for eight years, during which I graduated from ERAU with my Masters in Project Management. I decided to pause my career to focus on my three boys who are now 8, 5, and 4 as well as our two dogs.
parents listened to npr

My Parents Always Listened to NPR, and Now I Understand Why

Growing up, my parents always listened to NPR. As a parent now myself, I finally understand why. I always remember my dad listening to NPR in his truck whenever he drove us anywhere. I...

Backroads Solve Everything

I know I sound like a country song (there is nothing wrong with some country), but there isn't much a backcountry road can't solve. I often have found myself daydreaming of Tennessee backroads during...
mommy mind

Mommy Mind

We have already talked about "mom brain", buts let's discuss "mommy mind". Mommy mind never stops, no matter how hard we try. What I mean is that moms are always thinking about a million...

7 Easy Baby Shower Gifts

It has been a while since I was invited to a baby shower, but here are some of my favorite homemade gifts that I used to make, which also used up baskets that I...

9 Tips to Make a Family Vacation Less Stressful

Vacations are a time to relax and let loose. This should not be a stressful time, but I always find myself stressing that I will forget something. We have only gone on a few...

Halloween Costume Maker or Just Being a Mommy?

When do you really feel like you've been inducted into the official Mom Club? I mean, I feel like I should have been inducted years ago since I have three kids...boys at that, so...

Dog-Friendly Places Around Louisville

Whether you are looking for a treat for your pup, a park to let them run, or a bar to enjoy a drink while your dog can play, this is the article for you!...

10 Easy Rainy Day Activities

I love a good summer thunderstorm, but it's not really safe to play in the rain if there is lightning, now is it? Here are a few activities to do inside. If you haven't...

The Gift of Giving

The other day I saw someone post that the gift of giving is their love language and I swear mine must be too! I love finding the perfect presents for those I care about....

Top Items in My Return to Work Toolkit

After three years of being a SAHM and doing side gigs, I started the job application process. Boy, has it changed since the last time I was looking, which was in 2010. All applications...