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Jerusha Caple

I am a TN native who graduated from MTSU with a B.S. in Construction Management. I met my husband on eHarmony and decided to relocate to his hometown in Louisville, KY. I was in the construction field for eight years, during which I graduated from ERAU with my Masters in Project Management. I decided to pause my career to focus on my three boys who are now 8, 5, and 4 as well as our two dogs.

12 Easy Recipes for Your Next Tea Party

I have three boys, so I only get to have a tea party if I'm babysitting or a friend brings their daughters over. How about we make some cute tea party treats for Mother's...

I Didn’t Have “Cool” Grandparents

I didn't have cool grandparents, but they taught me so many life skills. I remember hearing about friends' grandparents. They bought their grandchildren things and took them for cool trips. If I asked for...

The End of Paper Coupons and Mail In Rebates

I remember my mom kept a huge banker's box of UPCs in our garage. Back in the day, most companies offered rebates for free items and you didn't even have to pay the postage...

Easy Dental Floss Crafts

We have an abundance of regular floss in our house, so I decided to find some crafts to do with it. Don't worry we all floss, but we buy the flossers instead. We will...

10 Kid Friendly Crafts to Reuse Glass Jars

We recycle many items within our house, but when it comes to the glass, I just always want to repurpose it. I always remember art teachers' classrooms filled with glass jars to use for...

11 Kid-Friendly Bird Feeders

I recently found a cute window bird feeder that simply used suction cups to easily be attached or removed from my kitchen sink window. We do not have any trees in our yard and...

Thank you, Mom {Encouraging All My Questions}

Thank you, Mom for encouraging all my questions as a child. I don't mean normal kid questions, but ones that may become Jeopardy answers one day. I still ask the oddest questions to this...

Kid-Friendly DIY Night Light

My kids were watching me make bottle lights and asked if they could paint one, too. So, we decided to make night lights for their nightstands. They also came in handy when the power...

10 Easy Summer Printables

I am all for "toys" that double as learning tools such as magnetic tiles and blocks. I have the ABC wooden blocks from my childhood and my youngest asked for some number blocks. I...

Kids Need Self Care, Too

Over the past couple years, my boys have developed anxiety due to recent events. My oldest found some anxiety came with virtual learning. He got very anxious as he didn't have his teacher instructing...