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Lisa O'Keefe

I am a hot-mess homeschooling mom to three adventure-loving kids. Our family loves exploring Louisville’s beautiful natural areas and parks, as well as selecting large stacks of books from one of the city’s fantastic libraries. I am a big introvert, but if you want to get me talking, bring up my passions of children’s literature or breastfeeding. I could go on for hours! When I get a rare quiet moment to myself, I like to savor it with a cup of locally roasted coffee and either a classic novel or a black and white movie.

A “Hot Mess” Mom’s Plan for Organization

I don’t wear the title of “hot mess” with honor, but it is accurate. I’ve been that way as long as I can remember. So, I share with you, a "hot mess" mom's plan...

Louisville Experiences to Gift this Year {2021}

My kids are the only grandchildren on both sides of our family. That fact, combined with the fact that our family lived in a pretty small space for a homeschooling family of five meant...

3 Easy Ways to Encourage Imagination in Kids

When our children are toddlers and preschool aged, a parent rarely needs to do anything to encourage imaginative play. They don’t need to be taught how to become a unicorn or how to fight...

The 5 P’s of Exclusive Pumping for Busy Moms

The first mechanical breast pump was patented in 1854. This fantastic invention has empowered mothers to provide their breast milk to babies in situations where at-breast feeding is not possible or inconvenient. In the...

A Messy Mom’s 3 Tips for “Real Life” Hospitality

The knock at the door startled me. My family was in our typical “after church” stupor, and I was nearly asleep. Who would be coming to the house without texting first? And on a...

My Best Friend Doesn’t Fit in My “Village”

Search any mom group and you’ll find posts about a “village” or some other name for like-minded parents. Although I’m grateful for my own village, I’m especially glad that there are friends in it...