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Olivia Jarrell

Olivia is a busy mom of an infant and a toddler, doctoral student, runner, and education advocate. She loves a good math problem and a corny "mom" joke as much as the next mama. Eating good food and enjoying some quality snuggle time with her boys are some of her favorite things to do.
thirty, dirty, & surviving

Thirty, Dirty, and Surviving

In college, I had two jobs and took over 18 credit hours every semester just to keep busy. I have always thrived under pressure and time constraints. I envisioned that when I had kids,...
designing a big boy room

Designing a Big Boy Room

As we prepped for baby #2, it became clear that it made the most sense to keep our older son's room as the nursery and move him across the hall to what was currently...
c-section wasn't the worst

C-Section Wasn’t the Worst

I can remember when I first started thinking about myself as someone who may one day birth and parent other humans, I thought a cesarean section was about the worst thing that could possibly...

Top Costco Buys to Make Life Easier

I am a student, a mom, a marathoner, an employee, a wife... and exhausted. Every shortcut that can make my life easier, I'm taking it. Just like I have to do for myself, you...

Holistic Support Throughout Pregnancy

Everybody knows you are supposed to go to the OB, take a prenatal vitamin, and stop drinking and smoking when you're pregnant. But that is about where the general advice about human gestation ends....

Packing My Hospital Bag, Round 2

You learn a thing or two after having your first kiddo: about parenting, about the world, and about what you think you need versus what you actually need. We went from thinking I would...

Prepping for the Second Baby

Having a baby is never easy, but bringing home a newborn with a toddler who isn't even quite two is going to be a different level of adventure. I'm not one to shy away...

Becoming the Dog Owner I Never Wanted to Be

I was always quick to judge when I saw someone post about how they needed to "rehome" their dog because of X, Y, or Z. Often times, I still think it was a lack...

No Extravagant Birthdays Needed

I feel like part of being a millennial mom is the expectation to do everything BIG. We start with gender reveal parties and baby showers, then continue with the "Sip and See," Christmases, and,...

8 Instagram Accounts to Follow as a Millennial Mother

As a millennial mother, it feels like social media and the pressure to be an "it" mom dictate how to parent in so many ways. I have tried to filter out all the unwanted...