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Olivia Jarrell

Olivia is a mother to two fur babies, Lucy and Frank, and one rambunctious human toddler, Jack. She is currently training for a fall 2021 marathon, working full time from home, and taking a full load of doctoral classes at Bellarmine University. She enjoys home cooked meals, trying new restaurants, and running with her friends. In her free time, Olivia plays catch up with housework and falls asleep on the couch.

Shopping Local for the Holidays

Looking for the perfect hostess gift or gift basket to take home to grandma? Hoping to dazzle everyone at the company secret Santa this year? Here are some of my favorite places to pick...

Sometimes It’s OK to Ask for Help

Student. Runner. Employee. Wife. Household manager. Mother. Friend. I hold so many titles and wear many hats. Balancing time for each of these and prioritizing things is not always easy and can often be downright exhausting. I'm constantly thinking about doing...
young girl in foreground with hands covering face and two girls laughing in the background

A Letter to My Graduating Class

To my classmates, ten years later:  I want you all to know that the three years I spent inside the walls of our high school shaped who I am forever. I want you to know...

7 Tips to Prepare for College Finances

For moms of teens, I know college planning is a huge task and can be pretty daunting. That's something I hope to help with! I have worked as a high school counselor, an advisor...

When Cancer Takes a Loved One in Four Days

In 2016, my mom had the flu twice, countless sinus infections, and was on antibiotics way too many times for one human. Her primary care provider gave her Z-pac after Z-pac to address the...

Becoming a First-Time Parent During COVID-19

Becoming a mom was always something I dreamed about. I thought about what I would name my children, what we would teach our kids, and where we would take them on family adventures. I...

Let’s Make the Mom Bod a Thing!

There are lots of challenges that come with becoming a first time mom: the sleepless nights, the first time your baby is sick, the stress of molding a new human, finding a good daycare...

Proud Member of the First Wives’ Club

I got married right out of college and was divorced by 23. That time in my life brought on a lot of shame and embarrassment for a long time. I struggled to throw in...

A Guide to Local Thrifting

Growing up in a low-income family, buying second hand was a necessity, not a trend. As an adult, buying second hand has become a way of life for me. Most of my family's clothing...

My Motherless Mother’s Day

Becoming a mom has been the most joyful experience of my life. Becoming a mom without the guidance of my own mom has been one of the most painful experiences of my life. I...