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Shahrzad Javid

Shahrzad Javid is a full time working single mommy of a beautiful six year old daughter. Being a social butterfly and obsessing about the details in any special occasion has translated into her being “that Mommy”, celebrating anything possible. She prides herself on being an open book, discussing her traumas, as helping others pushes her to constantly be stronger. Self love, her daughter, family, friends and all areas of health continue to be at the forefront of her life. Each day is beautifully chaotic in her busy life!

Domestic Violence Awareness Month :: I Am a Survivor

October is significant for many reasons, one being its dedication to bringing awareness to Domestic Violence. You will see purple being worn in solidarity and support for those affected by Domestic Violence. The most...

An Open Letter to My Daughter

My Dear Daughter,Today, on National Daughters Day, and every day, I celebrate you. You are the light of my life. Your energy and spirit bring joy to all who encounter you. Having you as...

National Watermelon Day in the Sweet Summertime!

Happy National Watermelon Day!! This happens to be my favorite melon of all time, as well as my daughter’s. Fewer things scream sweet summer time than a sweet, juicy, beautiful watermelon. It is one...

Extreme Mom Guilt

Who else suffers from "Mom Guilt"? Raise your hand. I'm definitely raising my hand. I've spoken to so many moms who experience mom guilt, but I'm starting to realize mine seems to be a bit...

June Guide to Family-Friendly Events in Louisville

THURSDAY, JUNE 3 Pirates and Princesses Cruise The Belle of Louisville is hosting a 90 minute cruise for your little pirates and princesses. Tickets are only $10 each and their concession stand will be open. While...

Dating? Not This Mama.

Dating? Not this Mama. Do you know what happens when you assume? You could potentially agitate "the beast"! Take that as you will. "The beast" could be the exhausted full-time working single Mommy who...

Mindful Momming :: Leading By Example

The word "mindful" is a word I acknowledge daily. I am constantly focused on being mindful of others, mindful of myself, mindful how actions affect others, mindful of how words can linger in someone's...

A Year of Getting Things… Perfect?

As in-person hybrid school approaches, I find myself wanting to do “better” in these last days of NTI. I’ve had a year of getting things...perfect? I've had time to come up with the “perfect” schedule...