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Tara Jo Thomas

I am a loving Army wife and mother of two children. I have my Masters in Psychology and run our small family owned business. I wear many hats but I am mostly proud of my sarcasm hat. That hat along with coffee is what gets me through the days.
family greeting dad in military uniform at the airport

What I Love About Being an Army Wife

November is Military Family Appreciation Month. This is a month of recognition for the families that are the backbone and provide support of those that serve our country. Military families are incredibly resilient, they...

Team Pumpkin Spice vs Team Summer

As summer officially turns into fall and the kids are starting to get settled into school, it seems every year around this time we face the incredible debate: TEAM PUMPKIN vs. TEAM SUMMER. It’s...

The Fall of Afghanistan: It Feels All for Nothing

Last week, as I watched the news in absolute disbelief, I stood at my television with my coffee in hand, trying to collect myself. My thoughts shifted quickly from “did I remember to get...

Back-to-School: Ready or Not, Here We Go!

This much anticipated 2021 school year should be something for the books. Coming off the 2020 mess with a global pandemic where everything was turned upside down, I know parents and kids are both...

Somewhere Between Gen-X and Millennial

Hi, my name is Tara Jo and I am a labeled Millennial, stuck in a Gen-Xer's mentality. One of my first “I’m in trouble” memories as a child is as vivid today as it was...

Out and About in Louisville :: Community Yard Sales

Summer is here which means lazy pool days, grilling out, ice cream and soaking in the sun. If you are looking for something to do this summer to get out and about on a...

Growing Up and Living in the Derby City

There are few sporting events that are held each year that seem to capture the attention of the world. The Kentucky Derby is by far one of these sporting events. Growing up and living...

Mom-and-Pop Business :: The Heart of America

When you think of the term “Mom and Pop Business”, do you instantly picture in your mind something like an old antique store? Maybe an older woman in a top bun selling jams and...

What It Means to Be a Proud Army Wife

There seems to be a natural curiosity of what it is like to be an Army spouse while raising children. I have been doing this gig now for almost a decade, so to me, it...