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Teressa Schoen

Born and raised in Central Florida which is just a few minutes away from Kennedy Space Center. It's where I met my amazing husband while working for NASA. After five years of traveling to the Tri-State area for the holidays, we relocated to Louisville, KY to be closer to my husband's family. As an Engineering Manager for UPS Healthcare, I get to design & implement some really neat technology & automation that help distribute medical equipment & pharmaceuticals across the country. I’m the proud mother of two beautiful young daughters whom I dedicate most of my free time to. We love visiting all the unique parks & hiking to see waterfalls.

3 Preventative Measures You Should Take for Gynecological Cancer Awareness

September marks Gynecological Cancer Awareness Month, which aims to draw attention to this women’s health issue and to offer vital information on the risk of cancers, warning signs, and prevention strategies. What is gynecological cancer?...

The Hidden Agenda of An Ugly Mole

April 23rd was the day we called to schedule a routine dermatology appointment for my husband. My husband had been complaining the night before about this mole itching on his back. Instantly, my mind...

Women and Mothers in Aviation

On August 19th, National Aviation Day is celebrated across the United States. It is an annual national observance that honors the development of aviation. The holiday was first observed in 1939, after the proclamation by...

6 Ways to Celebrate Breastfeeding Month

Every August for the first seven days of the month, World Breastfeeding Week aims to bring awareness to the benefits that breastfeeding can bring to both the health and welfare of babies, as well...

Teaching Our Children About Skin Protection

Recently, my husband was diagnosed with Malignant Melanoma. If you don’t know what that is, it’s the world’s deadliest form of skin cancer and the fifth most common cancer among both men and women....

5 ways to Encourage Your Daughter to Learn about STEM

As an engineer, my mind is hard to shut off sometimes. I tend to overanalyze things all the time. Something I’ve recently noticed about my three-year-old daughter is she does this, too.  It could be...