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Sunday was going to be the best day EVER! We have two dogs (four-legged kids since the two-legged ones are all grown) that are with us 24/7 thanks to working from home and having a quiet social life. Seamus...
There seems to be a natural curiosity of what it is like to be an Army spouse while raising children. I have been doing this gig now for almost a decade, so to me, it seems natural. I sometimes find...
Marriages go through many events. There are fights, family and friend deaths, job loss, babies, and among other things. When we say our vows, there's a part that says “in sickness and through health". We say that, hoping for...

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Louisville Area Guide to Kids Activities

Louisville Mom Collective Team Tips to Consider when Choosing the Best Activities for your Kids: Time Commitment: When considering adding on to your child's school...