White After Labor Day?


Well, Labor Day has passed us by and the question enters my mind each day when I go to the closet to pick out what to wear………can I wear white after Labor Day?

Is this even still a thing?

I remember as a child, on Memorial Day, my mom would go to the cedar closet and retrieve her white shoes, white sweaters and white jackets so she was ready for the summer.

On Labor Day, she would gather all of the bright white items of the summer and take them back up to the closet and put them away for the next three seasons.

I don’t wear much white, other than shoes or my wedding dress. Etiquette has nothing to do with it. I undoubtedly get something on my white clothes whenever I wear it. For a baby shower I bought a cute dress and a white jean jacket to go over it and, you guessed it, got a spot on it the first time I wore it.

I can’t wear white.

Wondering if this white tradition was still a “thing”, I started to pay attention to the people around me and I must say I think the MidWest is perhaps THE most confused part of the country.  I’ve seen flop flops being worn the same day I see someone else wearing boots, and people with sweatshirts and then a minute later someone with just a tank top on.

So, maybe there is no white after Labor Day etiquette anymore? Or maybe, we are just trying to make it each day and have thrown all of those silly traditions out the window.

Do you wear white after Labor Day? Is this still a thing of etiquette?

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