Tips for Planning a Fit Mom Summer


While my lens is a little different because my kid is 18 and I have flexibility, I, too, have cycled through trying to be active and having to raise him. I have had those times where I couldn’t go workout with people because either I didn’t have a sitter or the timing wasn’t conducive to having a child along. When he got older, I lacked flexibility because: practice ended at the same time as a class I wanted to go to, or he had a game, or he had to be dropped off somewhere.

It is a struggle. It’s also so much pressure when you have society measuring obesity and defining what overweight is, people without children who feel like they can create realistic schedules for you, knowing that you need to be active, not having time or help to be active, and you’re just tired. It’s a lot. I get it.

It’s extremely difficult to be consistent when you work and have a kid (or kids.) Many times, I’d start and I’d do really good at working out 2 to 3 times per week. Then, out of nowhere, it’s been two months. Motivation is down. Time is limited and you give yourself passes like “well,  I have kid so that’s why I’ve gained weight” or “I can’t lose it because I don’t have time” and my favorite, “I’m a mother, my body doesn’t matter.” While my reason was image related, the older I’ve gotten, it’s more about preparing for the future. If you still want those limbs moving consistently and properly at 45 – 50, and not have to be on medication, they need to be gettin some action NOW!

Social media and society do a really good job of making it seem like the only way to be “fit” or “get active” is to do heavy HIIT (high intensity interval training) or some super rigorous system or plan. I’ll debunk this by saying, HIIT and rigorous training is mostly individually purposed because someone is aiming to achieve a specific body goal or image. Low impact individual or group fitness and at home plans are just as effective and help people reach goals.

Combatting fitness with children…I am not here to tell you that all of this will be seamless and easy to apply. I am here to say that there is always a way. Here are some tips to planning a fit mom summer:

Have a small group mom workoutThis affords the opportunity to bring children and they play while you workout!

Try a privately owned gym. They sometimes allow you to bring children and, if so, grab a tablet, some books and headphones and take them along. This also helps build independence and self-sufficiency, and can be coupled with a short-term reward system.

Take a virtual fitness class! This is an option that is ever-growing since having to navigate a pandemic.

Walking, coupled with body weight exercises are effective!! Some at-home plans that only require dumbbell sets, bands, and maybe balls, coupled with jump rope, walking or jogging are amazing.

While it’s tiring to just think about adding something to your life that will have to be structured to meet the expectations of being a mom and maybe wife, fitness is a positive bonus. The release of endorphins can limit how much people annoy you and decrease how much your child(ren) tap dance all over your nerves. It provides energy more than it depletes it. Consistent exercise affords an opportunity for you to show up somewhere and be the best, most authentic version of yourself because it is, literally, YOUR TIME!

In the grand scheme, we’re talking 4% of your time 3 – 4 days per week. If you couple that, with a healthy and balanced nutrition plan, you feel, are, and look better, even happier!

Mom-ing doesn’t have to be this role or title that puts you in a proverbial box for 18 years! It is a blessing that stretches you to think purposefully and intentionally about your time and your own goals!

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