30 Activities for Your Summer Bucket List


Summer is in full swing! Pool days, berry picking, and more are just a few ways to keep the kids busy, and hopefully giving moms a small break. While the days are longer and you are most likely spending more time with your family – here are 30 activities for your summer bucket list!

  1. Plant a garden.
  2. Make snow cones.
  3. Visit Kings Island.
  4. Pick strawberries.
  5. Visit Newport Aquarium.
  6. Visit the zoo.
  7. Watch a movie at a park.
  8. Plan a game night.
  9. Make a new healthy recipe.
  10. Have a dance party in the rain.
  11. Talk a long family walk.
  12. Complete a family puzzle.
  13. Take a hike.
  14. Visit a waterfall.
  15. Make bracelets.
  16. Have a picnic.
  17. Make tie dye tee-shirts.
  18. Visit a national park.
  19. Go kayaking.
  20. Have a family yoga night.
  21. Pay it forward.
  22. Take a break from social media.
  23. Go to a farmers market.
  24. Run through the sprinklers.
  25. Take family pictures.
  26. Write and send letters.
  27. Catch lightening bugs.
  28. Make s’mores.
  29. Make pizza.
  30. Go antiquing.

    What else is on your summer bucket list? Share your ideas and photos with us using #MomsAroundLouisville!


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