Married and Dating with Children


Getting quality time with your significant other can be a challenge when you have young kids in the house; especially when they are babies to young school aged children. Having time to connect is so important and needed for a healthy relationship, but finding a sitter and budgeting the money can be very tough or feel nearly impossible in some seasons of life.

So what do you do when you can not find sitter or have the budget for fancy nights out? In home date nights to the rescue. Here are my top 5 favorite in house date nights on a budget.

Cook A Meal Together

I love cooking with my husband. I usually learn some new techniques from him and plus it is fun to do taste tests of the food throughout the night. It can be very romantic and intimate to cook together. Plus the conversation afterwards while sharing the meal you both made together adds another layer of intimacy.

Have A Paint Party

You can grab simple paint supplies at almost any store and set up a paint spot with very little space. You can do this fun activity while sipping wine together or just talking and catching up. It is neat to see what each other creates while allowing plenty of room for conversation.

Let the Games Begin

Game nights can be fun for family or couple’s night, but can also be fun to do just the two of you. I love playing some of the classics I grew up with as a child such as Taboo, Monopoly, Life, or Uno. This is a great way to bring out one another’s competitive nature while laughing and having a good time together.

Take a Stroll Down Memory Lane

Pull out some old pictures on your phone or in an album and share some memories together. This is such a great way to learn something new about each other or bring back some good times you shared. The funny stories and conversations that could come from this simple activity could make for a very enjoyable night.

Get Under the Stars

Sit outside together or lay out a blanket on the grass and enjoy a quiet night under the stars. Sometimes no words need to be said to share an intimate moment together. Just being in each other’s presence after a long busy day can create such closeness.

It can be hard to find these quiet moments together and connect in some seasons, but it so important. It is easy to get so caught up in what the kids need you can forget what you all need in the process. Do not forget to be a couple and enjoy one another in the thickness of parenting. It may take some work to keep the spark alive, but it is so worth it. Married and dating with children is possible!


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