The Winter Games


the winter gamesI remember fondly the memories of watching the Olympic Games as a child. I dreamed of being a gymnast but was told at the age of four that I was too “small” for gymnastics. I have always watched the Summer Olympic Games with admiration for all the talent and sacrifices that those athletes have made to compete. All the countless hours practicing… and no telling what the parents had to go through to get them there. I ended up in dance where I stayed until I graduated high school. This year, I started to reflect again on the Winter Games.

The Winter Olympic Games have always held a special place in my heart. I know they aren’t as “big” or as publicized as the Summer Games, but I feel they have all the best categories. I had a giant poster of Kristi Yamaguchi on my wall (that no doubt came from a Scholastic Book Fair at school. I remember following her, Katarina Witt, and Nancy Kerrigan (let’s not bring up Tonya Harding, although I was totally watching when the “incident” occurred!).

Sadly, I have never actually figure skated, but it is on my bucket list, I promise. The effortless flow and movement that they have on the ice is incomparable. The courage they have to compete in the singles division or as a couple amazes me. I cannot imagine the hours of practice that go into making one routine, let alone performing in front of that huge of an audience.

With the Winter Games back this year, I was so excited to watch, as this year could really use some positives for me. I am thankful as SAHM that I was able to watch most of the games live as well. I couldn’t wait to watch as all those memories flooded back in from my childhood and hope they’ve sparked a lifelong interest in my boys also. We all have hopes and dreams from our childhood that may have panned out – or may have not. We need all the dreams that we can muster up in this day and age. We cheered to another year and another Winter Games, and it set 2022 off right!


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