16 Tidbits That Will Help Us with Our Second Baby


As we anticipate the arrival of our second child, I can’t help but reflect on the wisdom I gained during my first bout with early parenthood. No one is perfect and I’m sure there is so much more I will discern from the second time around. However, I would love to share my little 16 tidbits that will help us with our second baby.

  • Rinse blowouts immediately with hot water. Having a removable shower head helps.
  • You’ll fall asleep nursing a lot. It’s like a sedative.
  • Two way zippers > one-way zippers > snaps for sleepers. NO ONE wants to fasten a bunch of tiny snaps on a wiggly baby in the middle of the night. No one.
  • Grippy socks are a must for wooden stairs. My aunt went sliding on her butt down our stairs with our first son riding her like a sled. Don’t be like my aunt.
  • Short haircuts are for soccer moms, not new moms. You need to be able to throw that greasy mop into a bun.
  • Treat all spit up stains (and breastmilk leaks) if you breastfeed or they will leave greasy marks on clothes.
  • Lingerie bags for baby socks. Collect the dirty ones in the bag as you go, then just zip it up and toss the whole thing in the washer.
  • Outside is the best sensory “toy” you can have for your baby. Sit them in the grass, let them feel leaves and hold sticks, and let a bug crawl across their toes.
  • Baby clothes are SO expensive and they grow so fast. Shop/inherit secondhand (see my favorite thrift stores for kids). If you have the space and plan to keep growing your family, save gender neutral clothes between babies.
  • Baby shoes are pretty useless. They can’t walk and it’s better for development for them to be barefoot most of the time anyway.
  • There’s not a lot that a combination of bleach and powdered Tide can’t get out.
  • People have really strong opinions about how you feed your baby, even complete strangers. Just ignore them. A fed, thriving baby is best, regardless of whether they are breastfed or formula fed.
  • A fish tank net is handy to remove baby poop from the bathtub. Ask me how I know.
  • Really get to know your carseats. There are so many rules about when to use specific inserts and when to move the straps, how much the child should weigh and how tall they should be. Read the whole manual and follow SafeInTheSeat on Instagram.
  • There is no such thing as “normal” when it comes to baby growth. Do not stress too much about growth charts and percentiles as long as your doctor seems happy with how your little one is growing. Our first son has a 90th+ percentile head on a 20th(ish) percentile body. It’s just how he’s built, and after an ultrasound to confirm just that, the doctor is happy to see it continues to grow at the same rate.
  • Don’t trust your brain to remember questions for the doctor. Write everything down. Start a shared phone note with your partner and add to it between visits. Start this for OB visits and continue on through pediatrician.

Just know that you are always learning in parenthood. As we enter the realm of toddlerhood with kiddo #1, I am figuring out that Cheerios taste better from the floor, snacks are best shared with dog friends, and no usually means yes. Unless you ask about a diaper change, then it definitely actually means no.

What are some tidbits that you have to share with moms?


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