5 Ways to Use Play-Doh with Your Kids


Did you know Play-Doh was originally developed as a wallpaper cleaner? I mean, I am glad to know someone wanted to clean wallpaper, but I can’t imagine using it like that. Also, they used to only sell in white, which I am sure looked gross after cleaning wallpaper. I get so excited to open a new container with the bright colors knowing full and well my boys will just mix all together. I highly recommend keeping clear plastic containers (like from lunchmeat) to keep it in. All my containers are filled with either greenish or brownish Play-Doh mixes. I used to try and keep them separate, but my boys get annoyed with my OCD.

I remember my eldest son answering that his favorite part of the day in first grade was playing with play-doh in the mornings. He even wanted to go to school early, so he would have enough time to play with the fun substance. I mean, all three of my boys love to play with it. Their imaginations just run wild with all the things they can create with it. I would much rather have them play with toys that feed their imagination and make them think outside the box per se.

I have bought many toys and Play-Doh over the years, but this is the best by far. With that being said, there are tons of items I find around the house or leftover from projects that they use. Any item used to cut the play-doh is by far their favorite. Cookies cutters, plastic utensils, straws are just a few I have added to the kit. Of course, I always love toys that come with their own container as I strive for an organized house. I know, I know, I am hilarious having three boys (four if you count the husband, lol) and two dogs!


Here are just 5 ways to use Play-Doh with your kids:

  1. Have your child match the Play-Doh color to the container or write the color on a piece of paper to have them recognize the word as well.
  2. Write your child’s name on a piece of paper and have them mold the Play-Doh onto the letters.
  3. Make shapes out of the Play-Doh such as a sphere, cube, or cylinder.
  4. Write letters or draw shapes in the Play-Doh with a golf tee or toothpick.
  5. Find a plastic toy, such as a dinosaur, and let them cover with Play-Doh to transform or make a costume.

What are your kids favorite activities with Play-Doh?


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