Mom Birthdays Just Hit Differently


Mom birthdays just hit differently…am I right? I mean birthdays during a pandemic were on their own level, anyway, but that’s another story. When you are a mom, you are always thinking about how to make your kids happy, on birthdays especially. Now, I am by no means the best at party planning for my boys, but they always have a blast at their parties.

I hope to instill in them that it’s spending time with friends and family, not just the presents and decorations.

As a mom though, we do not always focus on ourselves let alone our birthdays or Mother’s Day. I could care less about presents at this point in life. I mean, I would be over the moon for a new vacuum – I have two shedding dogs so I vacuum everyday! I would be content with a day of just laying in bed watching my shows and chilling. We all know that never happens even when we are sick though.

My boys will always bypass everyone else and come straight to me with their needs, no matter what I am doing at the moment.

I can remember the few birthdays I actually had at a restaurant. I had one at Pizza Hut and thought I was the coolest kid ever. My brother had a McDonald’s party and Ronald was even present. I had a Barbie doll cake once, too, which I saw were making a comeback. We used to be all excited to be a year older when we were kids, but these days I could care less what number I am.

The number just signifies another trip around the sun and hopefully a bit wiser than the year before. So, perhaps this year I shall reflect on all the things I have learned during the past year:

  • I have learned to not look forward to anything since the pandemic, as plans will likely change or be delayed.
  • I have learned that although I adore my boys, I also need my alone time to recharge.
  • I have learned I must be the most patient person on the planet.
  • I have learned that you always need a goal to work towards, no matter how small especially during these times.

I hope I can pass on this wisdom to my boys, as most wisdom is lost between generations. We all want to learn for ourselves or simply do not believe that could happen to us. I hope to find new joy in celebrating my birthday as a mom. I focus more on the little things now as those are the most important. As always please be kind as you have no idea what someone else is going through especially during these times. Let’s face it, we all know that mom birthdays just hit differently, but that doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t take the time to celebrate yourself, even if just for your day!

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