My Community {And Finding Yours}


Last week, someone asked if I had seen the Prime comedy show, “Community.” I had not even heard of it, but I did a little research since I like me some Chevy Chase and looked into watching it. The theme is centered around a group of friends who are part of a study group at a community college and the funny things that happen among their group.

 But it got me thinking about my community.

What groups of people do I fellowship with, share common interests with and share the same goals and attitudes?

I am part of a faith community.

It shapes who I am, what decisions I make and how I live my life. It also is my job and weaves itself into every part of my life.

I am part of an adoption community. 

Since adopting our two youngest, our lives have been intertwined with so many others that want to adopt, need help financially and emotional support.

I am part of a college community.

I carry with me the bond with so many that I went to college with. We still keep in contact and can relive any of the amazing moments that happened in the four years we grew together.

I am part of a parent community.

Having four big kids and now two little ones, I am part of a community of parents that want their children to learn and grow and become a wonderful part of our society.

I am part of a mom community.

Insert this platform that you are reading this post on, Louisville Mom Collective. This mom group that I have been blessed to be part of supports one another as women and as mothers.

I am part of an Alzheimer’s cure community.

My mother fought valiantly as she lost her battle with this crippling disease. I’ve joined thousands of others in helping find a cure over the last eight years by raising money and walking to find a cure.

Some pretty amazing communities that I get to be part of. Yet, I want to do more. I want to be part of every community.

But it’s impossible for me to be part of all of them. I may love the ideals of other communities and want to be part of it, but is it doable? Can I be part of every community?

I have to work and develop my community and fight for those goals that are dear to me. I celebrate my community and I celebrate yours.

What communities are you involved in? Go and make a difference in them now!


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