Pandemic Positives {What I Learned}


I know we all like to say that 2020 and 2021 were the worst years ever – please don’t jinx us – but, now that we can reflect, can we find some positives? I know it is so easy to make a long list of negatives but let’s choose to focus on the positives. Here is a list of a few positives I had in 2020/2021 in no particular order and I would love to hear yours!

Little Free Libraries and Pantries

I had no idea how many there were in Louisville! There is a Facebook page just for Louisville and there are ones all over the globe! They provide helpful tips on items to donate and items not to donate as well as how to start one of your own!

Southend Street Angels

This is a non-profit that serves the homeless in the southend of Louisville and shares resources with them.

Louisville Mom Collective

I am so thankful to be a part of my LMC family. I didn’t just find an outlet during the pandemic, but also made some lifelong friends. I know we all needed to vent and communicate with others during these tough times.


We watched all the episodes of Chopped and would make ‘chopped’ meals from our pantry every night. We used the opportunity to clean out our deep freeze of many items as well as some items that became scarce at the grocery. I know my cooking skills increased dramatically.


I think most of us saw an uptick in our alcohol consumption and we were no exceptions. I went from knowing how to make maybe one cocktail to being able to make dozens.


I was able to help my kids with their education, not just their homework like years prior. I got to know all of their teachers, not just their homeroom ones at the Parent-Teacher conferences like other years. This really created more buy-in from me as a parent to step up to this challenge.

CIPLThe Prichard Committee

CIPL holds a class every year, but this was the first year I learned of it. It was strictly virtual, but I gained so much knowledge on parent leadership and KY education. I would encourage any KY parent to take this class before their child enters school and it’s free!

Family Bonding

I believe my family bonded even more and my boys became even closer brothers. At times they yearned to have playdates, but they have also become comfortable with just staying at home.


I was able to get to know a few of my neighbors better during this time and even got one to join LMC! I am thankful to have such caring friends living close by.


I started reading again, which I haven’t done since grad school, but that was a requirement! I also got my sewing pile back out to start back on and dusted off my cross stitching.

What positives came from the pandemic? Share your photos and posts with us using #MomsAroundLouisville!


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