Thank You for Being a Friend


A few months ago, my husband and I packed up our kids, pets, and belongings and headed across the country. We truthfully had no idea what we were in for, but we knew it was where we were supposed to go. If you had told me even a few years ago that I would move across the country from my family and everything I’ve known – I would have laughed so hard that I probably would have peed my pants! Some special ladies helped me through the move, so I say to you: thank you for being a friend.

You see, staying close to home runs in my family. My grandparents live in the same houses that my parents grew up in, and my parents live a few minutes from each of my grandparents. Growing up, I lived in the same small town in the same house. Heck, I didn’t even move away for college! It wasn’t until I moved down a state when I was 22 that I realized moving can be so good for the soul. I moved from a small town where I had what felt like zero opportunities for me, to a big city, which felt like I had a whole world of opportunities.

In that city, I fell in love, grew in my career, and started my family. I started and ended so many chapters, and lived some of my hardest years there. But there, I also made some pretty amazing friends.

I think I’d say, my friends are pretty much some of the best out there.

Since moving, I have realized even more that true friends are truly one of the most special gifts that we are given in life. Now that I live in a different time zone, I see just how much effort it takes to keep friendships going, and I’ll be really forthcoming and say that sometimes I am not the best at keeping up with my friends back “home”. But, there’s something very beautiful in all of this. That is that my friends keep up with me.

My friends see that this season in my life is a difficult one, and one I haven’t had to navigate before, and they are there for me.

Calls, texts, messenger chats, and even good ol’ snail mail has been such a blessing since we moved. Sometimes I get feelings of guilt, because I am so terrible at keeping up with my friends, but they give me a lot of grace and remind me that some day I will be the one who has the time and energy to keep up with them during a difficult transition in their lives.


To the friend who texts me every morning to see how I am doing – thank you for being a friend.

To the friend who sends me snail mail because you know it makes my heart sing – thank you for being a friend.

To the friend who sends me social media reels because you know us moms need a good laugh – thank you for being a friend.

To the friend who likes my FB stories while you’re scrolling through in your 5 seconds of silence for the day – thank you for being a friend.

To the friend who calls me, even though I am sometimes very distracted – thank you for being a friend.

To my friend who sent me a Christmas present (and who is patiently waiting for me to send hers…that’s been laying on my counter for over a month now) – thank you for being a friend.

To my friend who prays for me – thank you for being a friend.

To my friend who still invites me to things just so I feel included – thank you for being a friend.

To my friend who hasn’t checked on me since I moved – thank you for being a friend….

I see you, I think of you, I pray for you, I love you and regardless of the time that passes between our conversations, you are still my friend.

You see, life gets busy, and life changes, and it happens for most of us. Sometimes, our friends can pour into us and sometimes they can’t. Sometimes, our friends need to be reminded that even though their current situation doesn’t allow for constant friendship- they’ve still got a friend in you.

So, here’s a reminder for you (and for me) that when you have a moment, love on a friend who may need you today. Whether there or here, whether far or near; let them know you are always willing to be a listening ear.

Thank you for being a friend.

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I am first and foremost a woman who is passionate about loving on people where they are. I am also a mother of 2 toddlers who also tries to teach her kiddos about love for others! I currently stay at home but enjoy volunteering as much as possible. I am kept busy every day with all of our pets and my littles running around nonstop. When I have “down time”, you can find me biking, hiking, or snuggling and watching a good TV show (probably enjoying some chocolate). I love being able to raise my babies at home, but I will also be the first to say that this job isn’t easy!


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