Why You Need to Have at Least One Air Mattress


I never had an air mattress in my house growing up, but we never went camping.  I mean who else has an air mattress other than camping? I mean, we used to have a tent for the kids to play in, but those are not childproof (or mine at least). I was skeptical about getting an air mattress thinking we didn’t need it because we actually have more beds than bedrooms. I can say the air mattress has been invaluable in our house with our kids and I will give you a few reasons why.

Movie Night

My three boys love to make forts and when we get the air mattress, out they are so excited! I mean they may or may not have busted our last one by jumping on it…Movie Night is just so more exciting with an air mattress, tons of pillows and blankets, and bowls of popcorn with extra butter.


Recently our boys got sick and I remember always sleeping in my parents room when I was sick. I want my boys to always find comfort in my room, but the bed gets crowded with adults, kids, and dogs. We put the air mattress in our room so the kids can be close when sick, but we still can get our sleep. Plus I only have to wash the sheets, blankets, and pillows on the air mattress not everything on the king-sized bed. I mean, who else feels like a bodybuilder lifting that bad boy up?

Family Visits

I am from Tennessee originally and my family still lives there. We have a spare bedroom for guests, but if we had multiple house guests, the boys would likely give up one of their rooms for the guest. The air mattress is invaluable, plus they think they are special getting to sleep in the living room.

I would love to hear what other uses you found for an air mattress as well! Share your photos using #MomsAroundLouisville!


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