10 Easy Handmade Teacher Gifts from Recycled Jars


We love to give our teachers presents during the year and what better one than handmade by their students? I know I love my handmade gifts from my boys! Here are 10 easy handmade gifts to make teachers. Let us know your favorite teacher gift!

Bath Salts 

Who doesn’t love a little self care? All you need are epsom salt, sea salt, baking soda, and essential oils.

Caramel Apple 

What a fun twist on giving your teacher an apple! All you need are an apple, toppings, and some string!

Coffee Lovers 

I know most teachers love coffee just like us moms!  All you need are some instant coffee packets, single-serve sugars/substitutes, and single-serve creamer packets!

Crayon Jar 

What a cute way to use all the crayons I have accumulated! All you need are crayons and hot glue!

Emoji Jars 

These remind me of Lego people! How fun to have on your desk. All you need are acrylic paint, paintbrushes, and sharpies!

Glitter Mason Jar 

These are perfect for a teacher’s desk! All you need are glitter, glitter it, and paint!


These are super cute and you could easily make nonalcoholic versions.

Pick Me up Jar 

What a fun way to encourage your teacher even if you have your students write the words!  I just love this idea and what better way to brighten someone’s day?


I think every classroom needs an easy plant to take care of and add some green to the room.

Tissue Jar 

This is a necessity in every classroom!

I hope these helped you find your next teacher gift. I know our gifts are so small compared to all they do for their students. I hope a small gift brightens their day and shows some of our appreciation. I know I still think of my childhood teachers fondly and remember some of their lessons which definitely were not required on any standardized test.


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