5 Simple and Easy Winter Crafts


If you were like me, you tried to find as many activities to do during winter break to keep the littles as busy as possible. We purchased take-home paint kits from a local pizza/paint place and bought unicorn confetti houses (similar to gingerbread houses). The local library had a Polar Express night with take-home activities. We had store-bought STEM kits and who knows what else. Here are 5 easy and simple winter crafts the whole family can participate in on those days that are just too cold:


Here is a step-by-step with a picture guide on making snowflakes with templates. Most use white paper, but I think it is fun to use different colored construction paper, too.  You can also use coffee filters and even color them before cutting out the shape.


I have always loved snow globes, especially ones that play music. This is such a fun craft for kids with items likely already in your home: glass jar with lid, glitter (I mean, not in my house), glycerin or baby oil, small items that fit in the jar, and hot glue.

Rainbow in a Jar

What better way to dream about summer and the beach than a colorful sand jar! You just need butcher paper (parchment or wax work as well), colored chalk, salt, and jars. This is a great way to get rid of all those little broken pieces of sidewalk chalk in the garage and any expired table salt you have.

Pine Cone Bird Feeder

Who doesn’t love making a bird feeder? I always remember this as a popular craft when I was a child. All you need are pine cones, some string, peanut butter, and birdseed. If you don’t have any pine cones at home, I am sure there is a local park nearby where you could find some. If you don’t have any bird seed, Google “bird friendly items” they can eat like fruit or seeds.

Color Viewers

These remind me of those suncatchers we painted as kids. All you need are paper plates, colored cellophane or ziploc bags, tape, hot glue, and some twine. These can be hung on the window or outside. You could even make a kaleidoscope with multiple colors.

Have another fun winter activities that you do with your kids other than our 5 easy and simple winter crafts? Share with us using #MomsAroundLouisville!


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