Holiday Crafts for Kids


Yes, I am that mom who LOVES the home-made art. If you’re looking for some inspiration for holiday crafts for your kids, look no further! Easy and very kid-friendly, here are some ideas that will brighten up your day.

Santa Advent Calendar

source: Country Living

Instead of your kids asking when Santa will arrive every morning, let them add a cotton ball to grow Santa’s beard!

Write numbers 1-25 on a sheet of white paper. Add a jolly face with red hat and voilà, an easy-peasy calendar. Each morning, have your child add one cotton ball to cover a number. When all the numbers are covered, your child will know it’s time to leave the best cookies and a glass of milk for Santa!

Cinnamon Ornaments

source: One Little Project

What smells great and only requires THREE ingredients? Well, you might technically say four if you count the twine or string to hang up the ornaments.

Ground cinnamon, apple sauce, and white glue…that’s it.

Added bonus is that your house will smell amazing!

Jingle Bell Swag

source: Country Living

I have yet to meet a child who doesn’t love the sound of jingle bells!

Younger ones might need some help, but your child can help make some festive decor around the house. Find some pretty holiday ribbon and thread some bells through. Affix to a small wire or wreath, and there you have it, a delightful holiday noise maker!

Kids Handprint Christmas Wreath

source: My Name is Snickerdoodle

Growing up, my parents had many versions of this wreath. This is an easy classic!

Trace your child’s hand. If they’re antsy, you can trace their hand once and use that as a stencil. After you have the desired number for your wreath, affix them to a circle. Add some red holly berries. Use festive ribbon to hang up in the house.

Toilet Paper Roll Snowmen

source: Craftaholics Anonymous

What to do with all those toilet paper rolls? Recycle them into these little adorable snowmen!

Glue some eyes, wrap some ribbon for a scarf, and pipe cleaner earmuffs. Draw on a carrot nose and a smile of coals.

There you have it, an adorable collection of snowmen!

Pinecone Christmas Tree

source: PJs and Paint

If you find some pinecones during your walks with your little ones, save a few for this art project.

Paint the pine cone green (or another one of your child’s favorite colors), paint some “ornaments”, and add a gold star on top!

Leave this up to your child’s creativity! Glue colorful pompoms or add some tinsel. The options are endless!

Popsicle Stick Snowflake Ornaments

source: The Best Ideas for Kids

Looking for a way to add some more ornaments to your tree?

Let your child paint four popsicle sticks. Hot glue them together and let their creativity flow. Add some pompoms, glitter, or shiny stickers. Once their creation is complete, glue to some string and hang up on the tree!

Fingerprint Christmas Lights 

source: Crafty Homeschool Mom

Choose some paper, card stock is ideal for the canvas. Using a black sharpie, draw some curly lines for the thumbprint lights. Dip your child’s thumb in different colored paint and add to the lines. Very flexible, you can use different colors as the lights!

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