Let’s Color! It’s National Crayon Day!


March 31st is officially National Crayon Day! Let’s color! I feel that my kids have been celebrating crayons more recently, but that’s mostly due to virtual learning at home. Most restaurants offer crayons and a coloring page for kids, so why not pass the time with crayons? Here are some fun activities to celebrate crayons.

Coloring pages

They give children some guidance, but just enough freedom to express their creativity:

Coloring Pages

Pandemic Inspired Coloring Pages

Meltdown Crayon Canvas

I happened to have this canvas board in my stowed away art supplies for a rainy day collection or rather my Pandemic bucket now. I highly recommend leaving the wrappers on the crayons, which helps keep the wax more confined and drip down. The cleanup was very minimal as the wax just scraps off easily.


DIY Melted Crayon Art

One of my favorite crafts as a kid was to take all those broken crayons and make them into art. I know my kids love breaking crayons, but hate to color with them. This is an easy craft and you can hang it in the window when completed.

Need more inspiration? Here are a more ideas for some colorful crayon projects. Share your colorful creations with us, using #MomsAroundLouisville!


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