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Motherhood :: A Lesson in Humility

Motherhood is a constant lesson in humility from my experience. But, I'm glad I humbled myself. I didn't have a choice really. Humility -...

A Guide to Back-to-School Events {2021}

With school just around the corner, Louisville is offering many options for back-to-school events for our students! Most of these include free school supplies!...

What’s in Today’s Weekly Ad?

Funny, the things that shape us… and in turn, will shape our children.  We were having dinner with friends and talk turned to our...

A Guide to Local Thrifting

Growing up in a low-income family, buying second hand was a necessity, not a trend. As an adult, buying second hand has become a...

Financial Advice Every Family Needs

As a math and economics major in college and the wife of a financial advisor, I like to think I am slightly above average...

Guide to Free Memberships in the Louisville Area

Louisville is home to a number of museums and centers for kids. It can sometimes become expensive, but there are some opportunities to join...

How to Be a Savvy Local Santa

Holidays seem to come with a lot of stressors. One of those stressors usually has to do with something financial, or at least it does...

Louisville Guide to Amazon Mom Must-Haves

For many of us moms, it seems more feasible to get our shopping done online vs. getting the kids all in masks, trying to...