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Easy Easter Egg Crafts

I am constantly boggled at the number of excess items we acquire in our house. One of those is plastic Easter Eggs, and I...

Toilet Paper Tube Nutcrackers {Free Printable!}

Looking for some fun and simple crafts with the kids this holiday season? If you're like most households, you use toilet paper... a LOT...

Easy Twisty Tie Crafts

My family goes through loaves of bread often, so we have a drawer full of twisty ties. You know me, and I have to...

Easy Medicine Cup Crafts

We live in one of the worst seasonal allergy locations, so my whole family takes daily allergy medicine. All the bottles come with easy...

Easy Dental Floss Crafts

We have an abundance of regular floss in our house, so I decided to find some crafts to do with it. Don't worry we...

10 Kid Friendly Crafts to Reuse Glass Jars

We recycle many items within our house, but when it comes to the glass, I just always want to repurpose it. I always remember...

11 Kid-Friendly Bird Feeders

I recently found a cute window bird feeder that simply used suction cups to easily be attached or removed from my kitchen sink window....

Kid-Friendly DIY Night Light

My kids were watching me make bottle lights and asked if they could paint one, too. So, we decided to make night lights for...

5 Simple and Easy Winter Crafts

If you were like me, you tried to find as many activities to do during winter break to keep the littles as busy as...