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Louisville Holiday Gift Guide

Presenting your annual Louisville holiday gift guide! Whether you're looking for awesome new gift ideas for your kids, want experiences to gift, or are...

Yoto {My Secret to a Screen-Free Gift}

Guys… have you met Yoto {my secret to a screen-free gift}? I know Yoto sponsored this blog, but you must know…. I sought after them.  Why?...

7 Easy Baby Shower Gifts

It has been a while since I was invited to a baby shower, but here are some of my favorite homemade gifts that I...

The Gift of Giving

The other day I saw someone post that the gift of giving is their love language and I swear mine must be too! I...

10 Easy Handmade Teacher Gifts from Recycled Jars

We love to give our teachers presents during the year and what better one than handmade by their students? I know I love my...

How to Wrap Odd-Shaped Presents

I love buying gifts and wrapping presents for the holidays, but I hate when you can tell what is wrapped by the odd shape...