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The 7 Things I Wish My Mother-in-Law Knew

National Mother-In-Law Day is coming next week! Truthfully, I didn't even know this day existed until a month ago. Maybe that's because I just assumed...

Married and Dating with Children

Getting quality time with your significant other can be a challenge when you have young kids in the house; especially when they are babies...

Proud Member of the First Wives’ Club

I got married right out of college and was divorced by 23. That time in my life brought on a lot of shame and...

4 Ways to Nourish Your Marriage

My mother shared some invaluable marriage advice with me when I was younger. Though she shared this with me in the context of marriage,...

What It Means to Be a Proud Army Wife

There seems to be a natural curiosity of what it is like to be an Army spouse while raising children. I have been doing...

Marriage After Chronic Illness

Marriages go through many events. There are fights, family and friend deaths, job loss, babies, and among other things. When we say our vows,...