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Tips for Sneaky Summer Learning

When I began homeschooling my oldest, I had planned to follow the public-school calendar for our breaks. It made sense initially because most of...

Dirty Kids Need Clean Personal Care Products

One of the goals our family made for 2022 was to increase the number of hours we spent outdoors by participating in the 1000...

30 Activities for Your Summer Bucket List

Summer is in full swing! Pool days, berry picking, and more are just a few ways to keep the kids busy, and hopefully giving...

10 Easy Summer Printables

I am all for "toys" that double as learning tools such as magnetic tiles and blocks. I have the ABC wooden blocks from my...

Easy Summer Frozen Treats

All my boys want to eat during the summer is an endless supply of popsicles and ice cream. I mean who doesn't love frozen...

Easy Summer Water Activities

I saw an article the other day saying if a baby is unhappy, put them in water for a bath or take them for...