5 Cleaning Hacks from a Boy Mom


I am a mom of three boys (wait does the husband count, too?) and two dogs. Cleaning my house is a full-time job of its own, so I love easy ways to help. Here are just a few I have learned in my time as a mom; 5 cleaning hacks from a boy mom.

Simple Green

Of all the stains my boys have had, Simple Green only failed at getting one out – Pink Slime, if you were wondering. I soak stains for a few days in my laundry sink before washing. You can also add into your wash with your usual detergent to help get out stains and odors i.e. gym clothes. It is also a great cleaner around the house and in the garage. We used to get those tough stains off the car wheels, too.

Plastic Scraper

I have a plastic scraper from Pampered Chef to clean my Pizza Stones, but I have used it for so many other applications. It gets dried food and spills off the counters/tables/clothes, gets PlayDoh and slime off carpets (after using a stain remover), picks up dried candle wax, and so many other things involved with boys.

Scented Laundry Detergent

I have to use unscented laundry detergent on my clothes and some of my boys due to allergies. For curtains and comforters though, I like to use a scented laundry detergent that makes the room smell great for a month instead of boys and dogs. We really like using Buff City Soap laundry detergent as the scent lasts longer.

Socks with Holes or Just Missing One

I use old socks to help cleanup up all kinds of disgusting messes where I can just throw them away, not to mention that I can wrap it over my hand like a glove.

Press ‘n Seal

You can use this to cover your kids’ clothes when playing with messy things, such as slime…see above. You can also cover tables with it and it won’t move such as wax paper does without tape.

I would love to hear any more hacks you have learned as well!


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