Dirty Kids Need Clean Personal Care Products

Although this blog is sponsored by our partners at Youthsport ALL-IN, the products were tested and approved by one of our contributing writers and her family! She wholeheartedly recommends these products!

dirty kids need clean personal care products

One of the goals our family made for 2022 was to increase the number of hours we spent outdoors by participating in the 1000 Hours Outside Challenge. My kids have loved every second of learning about plants native to our area, but they spend a majority of their time playing sports, especially football. I’ve noticed that after a long day of adventures, my not-quite-preteen son has had a terrible time getting his sweaty hair clean in the shower. It was really becoming a problem. Shopping for personal hygiene products for my child is definitely new territory for our family. In the quick browsing that I have done, I have found products that are filled with terrible ingredients – ingredients that I do not feel comfortable exposing my child to. The bottom line is… dirty kids need CLEAN personal care products.

My oldest son, Daniel, has really pretty, shiny hair when it is clean. I did not want to get a shampoo that would clean well but make it look like old hay. I tried several “gentle” shampoos that were supposed to clean without hurting his hair and even bought him a special scalp brush for hair washing. It probably comes as no surprise then that when I had the opportunity to try Youthsport ALL-IN 2 in 1, I was very skeptical. Most hair and body wash combos are convenient, but I’ve never found one that cleaned hair or body enough. There was no way it was going to be helpful for my son’s hair.

I was completely wrong.

dirty kids need clean personal care productsDaniel has used it for a few weeks now, and he has never smelled so sweet (even counting when he had that wonderful new baby smell)! His hair is as shiny as ever, and he looks forward to using it daily. I was thrilled to see that the ingredients listed on the bottle are CLEAN and gentle, because they are made FOR KIDS! I also love that the company is so dedicated to youth sports that they donate a portion of each sale to local youth organizations in order to help local athletes have access to athletics, while also assisting in the purchase of equipment and facility upkeep!

With the Youthsport ALL-IN products, I feel assured that my child is staying clean and fresh without all of the harsh chemicals that come in other similar products. I am so appreciative that this brand is dedicated to keeping kids safe while also supporting local youth athletics. They have also focused on keeping things easy for the parents with a subscription service. Moms are busy, right? The more simplifying I can do in my life the better! When you become a subscriber, there is no need to worry about last-minute trips to the store. As a surprise, each shipment includes three unique sports cards, which don’t just excite sports fans but reminds them of the excellence young athletes can achieve.

I’d love for your family to give Youthsport ALL-IN a try as well! Great news – they are extending a special discount code for LMC readers – just use code LOUISVILLE at checkout and save 20% on your first order – you won’t regret it!

“It smells so good. It really smells like real coconuts! The deodorant helps with the stink in my armpits, and the soap does not hurt my eyes.”  – Daniel, Age 10

youthsport all-in clean products


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