Easy Easter Egg Crafts


easy easter egg craftsI am constantly boggled at the number of excess items we acquire in our house. One of those is plastic Easter Eggs, and I guess because we have three children… triple everything. Anyway, they have gotten tired of playing with them, so I was tasked with repurposing them. Here are a few fun, easy Easter egg crafts I found to use them:

Lighted Easter Egg Garland – Great way to reuse some old Christmas lights too!

Wobble Egg Ninjas – I’m excited to make these with my boys!

Yarn Wrapped Easter Egg Garland – How cute!

Plastic Easter Egg Floating Fish – Finally a cheap way to have bath toys!

Easter Egg Wobble Heads – Reminds me of those toys we had as a kid.

Easter Egg Maracas – Perfect for music class!

Fireflies – How cute and perfect for a late evening outside!

Owls – Love this!

Plastic Snake – My boys would love this!

Tea Cup – This would go perfect with our tea party sandwich article!

Wreath – This would be perfect on the front door!

Ruffled Fabric – Great way to use up fabric scraps!

Hot Air Balloons – Perfect to Make for the Balloon Glow!

Egg Friends – It’s like a homemade Chia pet!

Bouquet – This would be cute to make for a teacher!

Unicorn – These are adorable!

Bunnies – Of course, we need the bunny!

Mini Succulent Planters – These are so cute maybe group them together on a platter.

Frogs – So cute!

I hope you had fun making some of these Easter egg crafts. Share with us what else you thought of making or using them for.

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