Easy Summer Water Activities


I saw an article the other day saying if a baby is unhappy, put them in water for a bath or take them for a walk. Well, water still works for my boys to this day. How about a few activities to do this summer with water? I know we all have the usual water guns, hose, or sprinklers – I mean everyone turns their irrigation on for their kids to play in right? But here are a few ones I was not aware of until recently!

Draw with Wet Chalk

And if you do happen to have a little artist at home, they’ll love seeing what happens to sidewalk chalk when it’s dipped in water before being used!

Excavating with Ice

Freeze some of your small toys, plastic bugs, and other small treasures in large ice cube molds or bowls. Once frozen, get some (safe) digging tools and a spray bottle to start the excavation process. Now, I will say with three boys, mine just decided to start throwing the ice at the driveway to bust faster…

Ping Pong Pool

Throw an inflatable inner tube into the pool. Try to toss small balls into the center of the ring.

Pouring Water

It’s like playing in the bathtub outside!

Super Soaker Sponge Balls

My boys love water balloons, but we all hate filling them up. Here is a perfect alternative!

Sponge Bull’s Eye

Paint target circles and point amounts on the ground. Using large, soaked sponges, attempt to hit the targets. The wet spots show your score in this water game.

Sprinkler Twister

Roll out the giant plastic mat from regular Twister, but add a sprinkler to the mix. The slippery surface will make it more challenging and fun to get from left-hand-yellow to right-foot-blue

Water Bucket Race

Add a water bucket race to your next backyard party or play date. Line up the kids into even-numbered teams across from each other. Every person gets a bucket (or a big red Solo cup). Start each team with a bucket full of water and have one player carefully dump the liquid into an empty one, trying not to spill any. At the end of the line, whoever has the most water wins.

Water Experiment

Have a little engineer? This one is for you.

Water Gun Painting

Why not? Just make sure its washable…

I hope you and your kids have an awesome summer with some of these activities! Don’t forget to share you summer fun with us using #MomsAroundLouisville!


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