Mommy Vehicle Necessities


I had an SUV before I had children because I like to keep my cars for almost a decade, so I figured I would have kids by then. I was right. But I found that I needed to upgrade to three rows when I was ready to buy another vehicle. I have friends who swear by their minivan, but I am an SUV kinda girl. I can find a way to pack mine full for trips and vacations. Here are some things I swear you need in your vehicle: your Mommy vehicle necessities.

Paper Towels

I know these aren’t always environmentally friendly, but they are so much easier to just throw away after cleaning up a mess. They can also be used for baking, facial tissues, or plates when dividing up fast food.


I keep a few old towels in my truck just in case of larger spills, mud, or other liquid substances. I also keep a blanket in case we are stranded on the side of the road. My boys like to have a blanket in the car anyway.


My boys have been all potty trained for a few years now, but I still have a diaper in the truck. I actually had one of mine have to use one in the car rider line one day. I suppose I keep it more in case another mom needs one while I’m out and about, rather than for mine to use the diaper.

Baby Wipes

I always remember a fellow mom who already had kids when I was pregnant with my first, telling me to always have baby wipes in every room of your house. Well, now I just have some in each bathroom and my truck. I did have them scattered all over the house in three different wipe warmers. Yes, my boys were spoiled and never had cold baby wipes until they were potty trained.

First Aid Kit

A friend gave me a first aid kit when I got my first car and I’ve kept one in every vehicle since. I know I have three boys who have scrapes and cuts constantly. It also comes in handy for husbands and even moms sometimes who magically cut open their finger at Costco.

What are your mommy vehicle necessities? Let us know the things you like to keep in your vehicle for your children!


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