Red Solo Cup, Thank You


Oh, red solo cup. I was first introduced to you as a naive young adult, ready to take on the world. Thank you for always being a friend.

You were my friend throughout college. I wasn’t much of a party girl, but you were always there for me. I’d carefully write my name on the cup. I never had to worry about getting mixed up with another college student’s cup, since my name is rather unique. I thank my parents at these times. I would fill you up with my drink of juice, usually a Yuengling or Bud Light from the keg. Depending on the event, that cup might have been refilled a few more times. But you always kept me relatively safe as a I carried you around, while trying to socialize with classmates. You were a part of some of my most competitive beer pong games and helped mold some long lasting friendships.

Now, red solo cup, you are a friend to my toddler. 

You help organize a toddler’s random beloved things.

You give her a place to organize her overflowing amount of crayons and markers. You give her a place to collect her growing collection of random knick-knacks, so small. You give her a place to put her popcorn while she watches Frozen for the millionth time. 

You are a beloved part of craft and snack time.

Whenever I need to trace that perfect circle for a snowman or a sun, you are always a friend. Small circle or large circles, who needs a fancy protractor? We decorate you for all the holidays. Snowman? Leprechaun? Turkey? You give moms a sturdy option for the base of these crafts. 

When we are out and about without a plate, you are always an easy option. I portion out the snacks and hand the cup to my toddler. You are the best option for watermelon so that the slippery pieces don’t slide off the plate.

You are always there in a quick emergency.

We recently found out that our daughter has a bit of motion sickness. She let us know that her stomach was hurting. I frantically searched for something to prevent her launching her lunch all over the car. So, I handed her a cup. No less than a second later, she vomited into that cup. When we could safely pull over, she handed me the cup and I cleaned her up. It was the easiest clean up. I have you to thank for that, red solo cup.

You adapt to the times.

Red solo cup, you are evolving over the years and becoming more environmentally friendly. You are available in more compostable options and for that, I thank you. You know what’s important in life. You are now available in different colors and styles to add that extra panache to a party.

Red solo cup, thank you for always being a friend through the good times and the bad times.

As mothers, we are always trying to find items with multiple uses. These cups fit that requirement. We are always on the go, so we always have a few stacked in the car along with baby wipes.

What other uses do you have for red solo cups or cups in general?


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