The Gift of Giving


The other day I saw someone post that the gift of giving is their love language and I swear mine must be too! I love finding the perfect presents for those I care about. The monetary amount is not relevant but the thought behind it is. I love receiving gifts that took thought, not just the most expensive ones.

That is not to say I expect gifts in return. I just love finding an item that will make someone’s eyes light up when they open it. Everyone wants to be listened to and this shows when you get them something they care about. I try to listen to all the little things, so I can find an item to make them laugh when they receive a gag gift per se.

Make a List

I have to confess that I overbuy sometimes. I have had to make a Christmas list, so I can track what I have in my stockpile versus what I still need. This comes in handy when brainstorming ideas as well for friends.


There is just something about a handmade gift that makes the recipient smile. I especially like to support local small businesses.

Self Care

I love receiving and gifting self-care items. As a mom, I sometimes need to be reminded of taking time to take care of myself.


When I can’t find exactly what I’m looking for, I often reach out to have a custom-made item. Etsy is a great place to find crafters who can personalize their items as well.

I have also found that it’s easier to shop throughout the year. Buy something when you see it and put it away for the next occasion. Buying at the last minute is much harder for me because I can’t find what I want which means I usually end up buying something less personal. I hope this has spurred some ideas for your next gift!


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