Movie Theater Rental Road Trip


movie theater rental road tripLooking for something new and exciting to do with your family (and maybe some friends)? I highly recommend trying out a movie theater rental road trip – as opposed to a traditional road trip!

malco theater movie theater rental road trip louisville

My family has had the opportunity to rent a theater twice, and we highly recommend it! We were able to book online, print our confirmation, and just show up at the ticket counter when we arrived. They also offer birthday parties, which sounds like so much fun, especially for my son with a winter birthday! We are always looking for new fun things to do, and this was definitely a win!

My boys can get quite rowdy and stir crazy trying to sit through a movie, so this offered more freedom for them.  They could get up and walk around, especially to dance during the songs. The attendant checked on us more than once and made sure no one else was wandering into our reserved room. We went to one that offered more than just the regular popcorn, sodas, and fountain drinks. We enjoyed an entire pizza, popcorn, nachos, and adult beverages, so we had a full meal instead of having to go to a restaurant after.

malco theatre movie theater rental road trip louisville

The theater was in another town, so it became a fun road trip. We packed snacks and drinks for the car. There is just something about seeing a movie on the big screen that makes it better, right?  My boys felt like they were on vacation and have asked to do it again many times! Also, research if they offer rewards for all the purchases, because we earned points for ours that equal free concessions for next time.

Here are links to Movie Theaters we found that offer rentals:

AMC – depends on theater

Cinemark – up to 30 people

Malco – Currently only offering birthdays, but call to confirm

Regal – up to 30 people

Xscape – up to 20 guests

Let us know if you have had the opportunity to do your own movie theater rental road trip, and do not forget to tag us on Instagram with #MomsAroundLouisville


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