Ready…Set…Go Outside Louisville


Ready…Set…Go outside Louisville!

I have to laugh every time someone says “you take your toddlers all that way to (insert city outside of Louisville) just to do that!?” The truth is, I would drive my kids just about anywhere to have an experience. I think it’s important for them to see places outside of the city in which they live and to learn about what other places have to offer.

Y’all. If you haven’t taken your kids outside the city, you all are missing out on some of the best that Kentucky has to offer. I know sometimes traveling with kids isn’t the most fun, but I promise none of these places are too far to take kids! Plus, if you’re lucky they will take a nap in the car and you can squeeze in an audiobook or some podcasts (or peace and quiet).

Here’s my list of favorite places within a short (30 minutes to a couple of hours) drive from Louisville.


This area is AMAZING. It’s a short drive down Dixie Highway and there is so much to do and see. If you want to make a day out of it, I’d suggest going to The Gathering Bakery for some sweet treats, savory breakfast items, and the best coffee around! The atmosphere is so family-friendly and it will easily become one of your go to places. Then, take a stroll around Saunders Springs. There’s a really pretty waterfall and a lake you can walk around as well. Next, visit some of the Asian markets, or German Market that are just a few blocks away. For lunch, visit Song’s Kitchen and grab yourself some amazing Korean dishes! Then, on your way home, make sure you stop by the Kentucky Veterans Memorial and take a stroll around the beautiful grounds there. And just before you make it back to the Dixie Highway area of Louisville, stop by Tioga Falls and hike up to see the falls. I promise it will not disappoint!

Tioga Falls in Radcliff, KY


This sweet little town sure has a bit to offer as well. There’s a coffee shop, The Daily Grind, a pizza place, Jailhouse Pizza, and a bakery, Cakes, Moms and More. We usually stop at one of these on the way into town and one on the way out, just because supporting local is always a good excuse for treats. If you are looking for outdoorsy activities, check out Buttermilk Falls (super easy path) and the Riverfront area. Both are sure to be a hit with kids of all ages. And on your way back to Louisville, you can stop and venture around Otter Creek. Now, I have to stop here for a moment to say that Otter Creek is hands down my kids’ favorite place to visit. Most of the time, it is shallow enough that they can walk around in it and explore all of the rocky areas.

Otter Creek


Hands down, this is one of my family’s favorite places to day trip. Cave Run Lake offers a nice little area to swim and has places for you to enjoy a picnic lunch. Eagle Lake is also super fun to hike around, but beware, there are some spots with some incline. If hiking and swimming isn’t really your thing, just stroll around the town. There’s a wonderful coffee shop/bookstore called Fuzzy Duck. I can’t say enough positive things about this place. The atmosphere is kid friendly and you are sure to find a book and beverage for all ages. If you’re hungry, stop by Pasquales for a bite to eat, but don’t forget to grab some of their amazing lemonade to go with your meal. Morehead also has a splashpad area for the warmer months that is a blast for the kids! Moms (and dads) this last one is for you only; Sawstone Brewery!


I feel like there are so many places to explore around Frankfort, but our favorite is Salato Wildlife Center. Most of the exhibits are outside and there’s so much space for kids to walk around and see; so many animals that are native to the area. It’s a great learning experience, but it’s also fun! If your family is like ours and loves to hike, check out Cove Spring Park. This park offers several trails; most of them paved or grassy and well traveled. If you’re looking for a little more “adventure” to your day stop by Wilson’s Nursery and browse their rows and rows of beautiful plants and outdoor décor. And for a sweet treat after all your activities don’t forget to stop by Rebecca Ruth Candies.

Salato Wildlife Center


This quaint little town has so much to offer. Right down the middle of the town is a working train track, with locally owned shops and eateries on both sides. I highly recommend talking a stroll up and down both sides of the tracks and stopping in at all the little shops. If your family loves parks, I suggest going to Walter Bradley Park. There is plenty of room to run and play, and the park is very well-maintained. If you are looking for a place to eat check out Wallace Station. This place is our favorite lunch spot! This place is so good that Guy Feiri visited just to eat one of their burgers. It’s all outdoor seating, very kid friendly, and well worth it, even if there is a wait. Last on the trip list is Equus Run Winery. Yup, you read that right, a winery. It’s so kid friendly (juice boxes for kids of course) and has delicious wines! **Please drink responsibly and do not drink and drive** Walk around the vineyard and grab a bottle to take home and enjoy!

I truly hope that you all get a chance to see these places and many more! And if you have a favorite place to visit in Kentucky outside of Louisville, feel free to share it with us on social media – tag @louisvillemomcollective or #MomsAroundLouisville!


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