8 Ways to Lessen Anxiety


I believe all of us have developed some type of anxiety during this pandemic, whether preexisting or new. Here are 8 ways that I found to lessen my anxiety during this trying time.

Please note I am not a licensed medical professional and I fully support seeing a medical professional if these do not help.


I highly recommend a monthly massage to unwind and release some of that pent-up stress in your muscles. This method of lessening anxiety can be done once a week or once a month. I generally choose every couple of weeks as a way of having some “me time.”

Essential Oils

I recently added essential oil diffusers to my boys’ bedrooms and use a sleep time blend, which has helped them relax. I have added to my baths as well as room sprays during the day.

Candles/Wax Warmers

I have always been a lover of candles even before I had the mess of three boys and two dogs. The scents provide a calming atmosphere making you feel cozy.


Please note this is not for everyone, but I find a drink before bed helps me chill out and relax. Often times, my mind is hard to turn off to go to sleep, so this helps me clear my head.


I feel like all I do as a SAHM is clean. Listening to music makes this task go by so much quicker.  If I find myself becoming anxious, I often pop in my earbuds and turn on my music.


I haven’t read since I graduated graduate school, but I recently found that it helps me escape. If you find yourself waiting in the car rider line, open a book instead of scrolling through your phone.


I used to cross-stitch while waiting for my next class to begin in college. I find it so relaxing, until your thread gets tangled. With all three boys in school, I actually started on the rather large sewing pile that I have accumulated. I also started back painting which I haven’t done for probably two decades. There is something calming about being creative.

Breathing Exercises

While I usually just take one deep breath and get the job done, many swear by breathing exercises.

Let us know a few of your ways you lessen anxiety!


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