Welcome to the Louisville Mom Collective!


Welcome to the Louisville Mom Collective!

louisville mom collective

We’re so glad you’re here.

If the last several months have taught us anything, it’s the importance of community and connections, especially when it comes to raising our kiddos. As moms, we do our very best to make the right choices for our families, but the decisions aren’t always easy. Sometimes, we need advice, help, information, laughter, support, or maybe just a good cry. The Louisville Mom Collective was created out of a need for a community where every mom is celebrated, loved, supported, and empowered.

Back in our mothers’, or grandmothers’, days, it was commonplace to know all your neighbors and knock unannounced for a cup of sugar. It is not like that today. However, back in their day, they also didn’t like to talk about the real nitty gritty of what true motherhood is all about. There was this air of feigned perfection that all moms tried to uphold. That was detrimental. That didn’t prepare the moms of today for what to really expect while pregnant or raising children.

There was so much more hidden shame – such a sense of being all alone – if you hated almost every moment of being pregnant, if you lost your temper here and there with the kids, if you couldn’t juggle the kids and housekeeping and taking care of the husband or wanting to pursue a degree or career, if you felt the effects of postpartum depression and had never been told what it was or how to prepare for it… We all need a safe place, free of judgement, to talk about all the beauty and challenges of being a mom. We need a place where we can see that there isn’t one right or wrong way to do this thing called motherhood. That place is the Louisville Mom Collective.

The Louisville Mom Collective will always have fresh stories and advice written by fellow Louisville moms. You’ll find comprehensive guides pointing you in the direction of local businesses and resources. You’ll find community through engagement on our website and social media pages. We’ll also take that sense of community offline and bring you all kinds of events – both family-friendly and moms-only.

Consider visiting the Louisville Mom Collective as your virtual knock on the door. Although we won’t actually be lending you the proverbial cup of sugar, we are here for you in so many other ways.

louisville mom collective belle of louisvilleWe hope you take some time to poke around the site. Save it to your favorites. Sign up for the newsletter. Share with all of your mom friends. As with all things motherhood-related, this is a work in progress and will continue to evolve to meet whatever needs arise in our Louisville community. We’re thrilled to be on this motherhood journey with you! We’re all in this together, mamas!

Our goal is to bring you content written by local moms right here in our community and provide you with resources to help your family grow and thrive. Our goal is to continue to grow our contributing team to reflect a little bit of all that makeup the beautiful Derby City. We want moms from every race, culture, family makeup, background, and experience to feel like they have a place and a voice here.

However, the Louisville Mom Collective is more than just this team of writers.

The Louisville Mom Collective is YOU!

The Louisville Mom Collective is a place where we can acknowledge our differences while supporting one another in the shared experiences of motherhood.  With that in mind, we plan to periodically feature guest contributors from our community and further add to the diversity of our content.

In addition, through partnerships with local and national businesses, we will connect you to trusted resources and products to make your job as mom a little easier. On the local level, we are thrilled to offer our very first Louisville Mom Collective VIP Membership Card, featuring discounts and promotions at many Louisville-area businesses. There are a limited number of VIP cards available, so be sure to get yours today! More offers will continue to be added.

Louisville Mom Collective

Hopefully, in the not too distant future, we will be able to gather for in-person events to help you connect with other moms and families in your neighborhoods. In the meantime, this online community is a resource for you and your families. Our website and social media platforms will be the place to find local resource guides, relevant content, and services, including partnerships with local area businesses. Our first event of the year will be virtual, Deck the Walls :: A Wreath-Making Event, on Saturday, December 12th from 4-5pm. You do NOT want to miss it.

They say it takes a village, and that’s what the Louisville Mom Collective is…YOUR village, no matter who you are, or where you are, on your journey of motherhood.


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