8 Instagram Accounts to Follow as a Millennial Mother


As a millennial mother, it feels like social media and the pressure to be an “it” mom dictate how to parent in so many ways. I have tried to filter out all the unwanted opinions and commentary, so that I don’t feel like a constant parenting failure, comparing myself to others. Instead, I seek out accounts that are credentialed, well-respected, and those that I have used advice from personally and found helpful. Here are 8 helpful Instagram accounts to follow as a Millennial Mother.

The Car Mom

Kelly is a certified car seat tech and a mom to two kiddos. Her family owns several car dealerships, so she has access to lots of different makes and models of vehicles. She reviews new and used cars from a safety and family-planning perspective, offering workbooks and tutorials on trade-ins, leasing, and buying practices. She’s funny, relatable, and reliable.


Ana is a licensed clinical social worker in Louisville and focuses her therapy and support efforts on mothers. She especially hopes to support mothers of color, as WOC often have worse birthing and postpartum outcomes. I have personally seen her for postpartum therapy and give her my full seal of approval.

Safe in the Seat  

Does buying the right car seat for your kiddo overwhelm you? If you don’t know whether to travel with infant in arms or bring a car seat on the airplane for your little ones. If you wonder if a higher price tag really means a better car seat…Michelle is the lady for you! She has made it her life’s work to provide reviews, details, and comparisons on all the car seats. She talks about common safety hazards, how to choose seats, and so much more. Lots of free content, but also some workbooks and courses for purchase.

Big Little Feelings  

This account addresses all things tantrums and toddlers. If your goal is gentler parenting for those toddler meltdowns and big feelings, check it out!

Empower Your Pelvis 

Not sure what’s normal *down there* after giving birth — vaginally or c-section? Then, check out the funny videos and helpful information put out by Amanda on this account. She talks about peeing when you jump, run, or sneeze. She talks about c-section scar pain. She talks about all the things you might feel awkward addressing with your general practitioner, but you also shouldn’t just accept as “normal” after giving birth.

The Happy Sleep Company 

Desperate for your kiddo to sleep through the night? Dragging every morning because your toddler always crawls into your bed at some point around 2am? Get great free tips from this account or book a paid consult to get the full enchilada of support to reach your family’s sleep goals.

Latched Louisville

My son was born three weeks early and had to be supplemented with formula in the beginning of his life. Then, I started to overproduce breastmilk and was constantly in pain. Tereza is the owner and sole IBCLC at Latched Louisville. She helped me work through getting Jack to latch properly, how to encourage my body to regulate its production the quickest, learn how to use my breast pump properly, and, later, how to wean with little to no discomfort. She is the bomb and I can’t imagine having started my breastfeeding journey without her.

Peds Doc Talk

Dr. Mona is my go-to lady for all information on childhood illness. She has done lots of segments on the COVID-19 vaccination status for kids, as well as covering common viruses, treatments, homeopathic remedies, and just general parenting tips. She is so real with her followers and has tons of content to reference in the moment when your little is sick and you don’t want to rely on Dr. Google to tell you what to do.

Now, I obviously don’t rely solely on these accounts to tell me how to parent my child, but they are a great reference! In this technological age, when you never know what sources to trust, these people have been credentialed and certified, so I feel like they are at least providing an informed perspective. That’s why I will continue to keep them in my parenting arsenal.

What other Instagram accounts do you find helpful? Email us at [email protected] as we are continually updating our resources for all moms!


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