Back-to-School: Ready or Not, Here We Go!


This much anticipated 2021 school year should be something for the books. Coming off the 2020 mess with a global pandemic where everything was turned upside down, I know parents and kids are both excited for a “normal” school year. Shoo, last year was a doozy!

Whether you chose to send your kids to school or kept them home with homeschooling, the parents had to step up and assume the role of teacher at some point, if not the entire time. I personally went the homeschool option, but I was already a teacher and had the confidence that I could navigate my two children through a Kindergarten and Pre-K program. I noticed that every family had their struggles though, and some grades are obviously tougher to teach. Many of my friends would express their frustration online and how they felt they were not doing a good enough job with being a teacher to their children.

Momma, if you cared enough to vent about how you felt you were not enough, I can almost guarantee you that you did an amazing job!

So, here we are, flash forward to the present time and looking ahead to the 2021 season of buses and homework, bring it on! I want to note that we are clearly not out of the pandemic timeframe completely, but with better precautions and a vaccination in progress, many parents and teachers feel it is time to get back to the classroom. Please take your backpack and exit the kitchen to your nearest bus stop and don’t let the door hit you on the way out!

By now you should have a list of school supplies on hand.

Maybe you have already purchased your school supplies and you’re an organized mom, ready with color coded calendars of events etc. Maybe you’re an “Oh my gosh it’s August 10th and there are only the 16-count box of generic crayons left” mom. Regardless, these kids will all be fine, and the school supplies will be found. When it comes to school supplies, I like to sit down and research where the best deals are. Any excuse to go to Target is, of course, my favorite option, but surprisingly there are many stores out there that have the supplies you need for much cheaper. Your nearest Dollar General or Dollar Tree can both be fantastic options. If you do a quick google search, you can even find a $5 off $25 purchase for Dollar General. This is of course just a suggestion, as it’s never a bad idea to take some time to price compare. You can potentially save a few extra bucks and get the kids the “cool” gear they want for the year. Alright, so we have our supplies, now what should we worry about?

It’s a good time to make sure the kids are up to date on their clothes and shoes.

My kids are getting to that age now where their legs and feet keep growing. Aren’t shoes the absolute worst?! It seems you finally find the perfect pair of sneakers at a great deal and then suddenly, your child morphs into a hobbit and their feet are 2 sizes larger. At this point, I refuse to pay full price for them and forget about designer labels. I’ll let Nana handle the cute boots with the fur that cost $65 for a Kindergartner. Not this Momma. Supplies and clothes are off the list, now what should a mom be worried about?

All the paperwork. Making sure the school has everything they need to identify your child when they have to call you because your kid won’t stay quiet in class.

I already know that the principal will have me on speed dial. I plan to become that person’s best friend by the way, maybe bring the faculty cookies bi-weekly. A little sugar never hurt to schmooze over when you know you have “that child”. I’m already praying for the kindergarten teacher haha!

One final thing I will do before the first bell rings is make sure I have my calendar up to date.

Navigating the school year in an orderly fashion is something I thrive on. It might be because I worked as a teacher (and may go back to that in the future), but I want to be a supportive parent in the community. This is not only for my own children, but for the students and faculty in general. We all know as mothers it takes a village, and school systems rely on the responsibility of parental support. That pandemic 2020 school year showed us all just how integral we are as well as how much teachers do for our children. Assuming that teacher role for my own children is something I treasured, but I am certainly ready for the teachers to take back the reins as educators.

I am grateful for each and every person who plays a part in the education of ALL children. Thank you so much to the education system and I wish the best for this upcoming school year. The moms are ready for the wheels on the bus to go ‘round and ‘round! Ready or not, here we go!

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