I’m Raising a Zoo, How About You?


When I chose to write about Animal Day, I honestly thought I would talk about all of the animals that we have in our home. If you know me, you know my family and I have a mini zoo of sorts. We have chickens, ferrets, cats, dogs, lizards, and a rabbit. I love animals and am raising my kids to love them too. So I thought, who better to write about animal day than me, the crazy animal lady!

As I sat down to write some things out, I found myself thinking more and more about the “zoo” I have because I am the mom of toddlers. Then, I found myself thinking of all the mommas with kids of ALL ages. I began comparing a day in the life of a parent to being a “zoo keeper” and came up with this little poem:

Monkeys jumping on my bed,
Ouch, one just stepped on my head.
It’s morning and it’s time to wake,
Off to the kitchen for breakfast I must make.

Tigers are growling loud at my table,
There’s not enough time to read the milk label.
Milk has gone sour and ruined the coffee in my cup,
Into the kitchen walks another sleepy little pup.

There’s so many animals staring at me,
Waiting to know what their breakfast will be.
Fruit is cut and pancakes are baking,
Elephants run into the kitchen, the floor is shaking.

Little piggies finally ate so the table’s a mess.
I’m finding myself needing a minute to decompress.
My mind is racing with what needs done today,
Like getting them, all dressed and the bills I need to pay.

The pony twins need their manes brushed, oh so bad.
My little sloth is moving so slow, I can’t tell if he is mad or sad.
In comes the stampede of cows and sheep,
Oh my goodness it’s only morning, but I want to go back to sleep.

I pull myself together and get them all in the car.
The parrot squawks “where are we going….how far!?”
I respond with a wink and say “we are almost there,”
When just then I hear my other parrot yell out “he won’t share!”

Finally, we are in the zoo drop off line.
“I forgot my snack” my bunny begins to whine.
My sweet little kitten shares hers with hesitation,
I breathe in deep and take a moment for meditation.

They hop out of the car two by two,
I am alone for a few hours….whatever shall I do?
There are dishes to be done and laundry piled high,
My bed needs made and tons of groceries to buy.

Before I know it, I’m headed back to pick them up,
Cows, kittens, elephants, and my little sleepy pup.
We head back home for our evening “routine.”
It’s dinner time and baths to make sure all get clean.

Each part of the day seems more chaotic than one before
But, oh my little zoo, I do adore!


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