Mom Brain is Real


I want to apologize to all the moms who warned me your brain will not work the same after each kid you have. Well, I am officially at that point after three kids. The Mom Brain is real.

I had little difficulty going back to work after six weeks of maternity leave the first time. I carried post-it note pads in my palm, in case I needed to jot something down. After my second, I went back again after six weeks and had little difficulty jumping right back in. I took a few more weeks after my third, as I knew he was my last and let’s face it: three kids are a handful at times.

I remember giving my mom such a hard time when she forgot something. I now understand the struggle of being a mom. I put reminders in my calendar on my phone for everything. I think back to when I was in grad school working full time, pregnant twice, pumping two separate times for almost a year while working, and keeping up with all other life events.

Let’s give all the moms a round of applause for keeping their families alive and surviving!

We may not always be thriving, but we are still getting all the things done. I was once told by a father who had to take over when his wife broke her leg that ” a mother’s work is never done.” He always said he was so thankful for her when she recovered and he never took for granted what all she did in a day.

Moms do not just simply take care of themselves and their children, spouses or significant others. They also take care of their friends and extended family. We all need to focus on self-care, especially after the pandemic. Parenting is a full-time job, but can be easier with teamwork. Remember to be kind to parents and do not pass judgment. Offer help when you can, not just when it is convenient for you. Often, parents do not like asking for help especially more than once if they were turned down. As I learned, mom brain is real!

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