10 Easy Summer Printables


I am all for “toys” that double as learning tools such as magnetic tiles and blocks. I have the ABC wooden blocks from my childhood and my youngest asked for some number blocks. I do not care to spend more money on blocks that he will quickly lose interest in so we found some printables. He can decorate however he likes and plays with it until he loses interest. I hope these 10 easy summer printables help you keep your little ones occupied during their summer break!

3D Shape Printables 

Cardstock is recommended for these to hold their shape longer.  A thicker paper would work as well or you can trace on construction paper.

3D Block Template 

Here are two templates to print two sizes of blocks to make your own stackable letter or number blocks.

3D Paper Letters

How fun to have your kid make their name for their door or room!  You can also have them practice spelling and writing their name.

3D Star 

You could make hanging stars for your kiddo’s room or make a mobile!

Alphabet Bingo 

Who doesn’t love Bingo? There are printables for uppercase and lower case which you can also work on color recognition as well.

Bucket List 

Work on those writing skills while thinking of fun things to do this summer!

Emotions Board Game 

What a cute way to learn emotions!

Printable Math Games by Grade Level

This is an extensive list of printable math games organized by grade level.

Printable Dice 

I’m sure you have lost dice for a game so here is a printable for one.  You can also play tons of games!


Perfect for those rainy days!

I hope you enjoyed these 10 easy summer printables! Be sure to tag us in your photos with #MomsAroundLouisville!


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