We Made It!


we made itWe made it! All three of my boys started school this year! This milestone is bittersweet though as my boys are quickly growing up. I am excited to see the little gentlemen I am raising but sad to lose some of those precious moments as they become more independent. Did we do enough activities this Summer? I was torn between planning activities and just letting them chill while decompressing.

With school comes a big adjustment, not just with our bedtime routine but with our attitudes. We have been so relaxed this last year with eating ice cream for breakfast or ramen noodles. I have learned to pick my battles when I have had all three boys home with me 24/7. I promise there is no judgment here as we are all doing what makes our lives easier.

Going back to school also signifies a milestone for most. I have hopefully raised astute little scholars who will absorb all their lessons. I am grateful I got to participate in NTI with my boys but so thankful they can be in a classroom again with their talented teachers. I am unsure why I have more patience for other children than my own. Please share if you have any explanations for this conundrum!

All jokes aside, I am constantly questioning if I took enough time with each of them. I know we had extra time with the pandemic, but did I spend it wisely? I guess I won’t know until they are older and reflect back on their childhood. I like to think that I did enough. Be kind to SAHMs, even if their children have gone off to school. We are finding our way again. Our whole days and lives have become consumed with our children. We now have the time to stop and breathe. Now to find ourselves again… We made it.


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